Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Foamy info loops.

How Jan. 22, 1973, changed American history: Kissinger flew to Paris to end the Vietnam War, the Supreme Court decided in Roe v. Wade, and LBJ died. / The Washington Post

"There was a couple in the farmhouse. They laid me down on a table and gave me a mask. I had no anesthesia." Recalling life before Roe v. Wade. / The 19th

A week after the Supreme Court struck down the Biden administration's Covid mandate for large employers, a judge has blocked the vaccine requirement for federal workers. / The Week

The corporations whose public statements on voting rights contradict their political donations. / Sludge

Charting an Omicron infection alongside its Alpha and Delta predecessors shows just how quickly this variant moves. / The New York Times

New data on boosters' effectiveness against Omicron raise the question of whether "fully vaccinated" is accurate without a third shot. / CNN

Researchers find oral CBD can block Covid infection "at early and even later stages"—but warn it's no substitute for vaccines or masks. / VICE

"As much as Talley was a luminary...his was also a cautionary tale about being Black, gay, and talented in a white, elite fashion world." / The Washington Post

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Terry Tolkin, who brought the Butthole Surfers and Stereolab to major labels, and who's credited with coining the term "alternative music," has died at 62. / Pitchfork

With vast amounts of data at our disposal, machine learning could either kill the scientific method—or change it entirely. / The Guardian

"Carbonated Waffle Calls," "Foam Squares," and more AI-generated breakfast cereals. / AI Weirdness

The musician Remute has released his latest album as a Nintendo 64 cartridge. / Boing Boing

Some 40-odd years after Bill Gates became enamored with Zork, Microsoft owns the game—as part of its Activision acquisition. / Input

Exactly what it says: "70,000 years of human economic growth, briefly." / Brad DeLong's Grasping Reality

Larger-than-life hands in disquieting paintings by Alexi Worth. / Hyperallergic