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Saturday headlines: For whom the shroom tolls

Luke Mogelson looks at how MAGA Republicans have leaped from "backing the blue" to attacking law-enforcement officials. / The New Yorker

A review of what your leaders in Washington worked on this week. / Wake Up to Politics

How newspaper covers in Britain and around the world are covering Queen Elizabeth's death. / yahoo!news

The queen's passing gives multiple countries an opportunity to finally break their links to the British crown. / The Economist

Your weekly white paper: Many more people have democratic rights than in the past, but some of that progress has recently been reversed. / Our World in Data

Stolen Indigenous valor is a problem at Canadian universities, where there's stiff competition to hire First Nations faculty. / Maclean's

Back-to-school shopping is forecasted to hit $34.4 billion, 24% higher than before the pandemic. / Deloitte Insights

See also: The culture that is academic qualification culture. / TMN

Online art-sharing communities start to ban images created with artificial intelligence. / Waxy

San Quentin inmates develop community through tennis. / The Associated Press

TMN's Rosecrans Baldwin tries to enjoy the US Open on as many levels as possible. / Meditations in an Emergency

In 2019, Luke Perry was buried in a compostable suit that was meant to grow mushrooms to feast on his corpse. They did not. / Orion

"All fun and games until the health inspector shows up." A man buys frozen pizzas from Walmart, heats them, sells them through DoorDash. / Dailydot