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Volodymyr Zelensky says he is open to meeting Xi Jinping to talk through a peace plan released by China on Friday. / BBC News, CNN

What the war in Ukraine has done to Europe's economy: an energy crisis, low growth, and stubborn inflation. / The Economist

South Korea breaks its own record for the world's lowest fertility rate. / Bloomberg

Women in Afghanistan defy the Taliban by taking college courses online. / NPR

Therapists in Switzerland specialize in treating billionaires. "Clients want specialized professionals who understand the specific intricacies of succession planning." / The Guardian 

See also: Many wealthy men wear the same suede shoes. / Air Mail

Jennifer Senior: There are good reasons you feel 20 percent younger than your actual age. / The Atlantic

A new bookstore model opens in Los Angeles: an indie store partly sponsored by New York  publishers. / The Los Angeles Times

A new book recounts conversations between Toni Morrison and Angela Davis. / Public Books

A poem for your weekend: "Speech to the Young," by Gwendolyn Brooks. / Poetry Society of America

Some random things: A Substack that translates Weibo. Another Twitch show using AI-generated characters. Also, infinite Big Bang Theory. / Moly's Substack, Twitch 

Using statistics to find the biggest single-game outliers in NBA history. / YouTube

Two Boeing engineers set the record for the farthest flight by a paper aircraft (88.318 meters). / Jalopnik

Thanks to vigilant reader Anne, we'd like to correct yesterday's headline about Din Tai Fung. They are a darling at dumplings, not dumping.