Headlines edition

Saturday headlines: Garbage language.

In addition to trying to help Trump, a new report says Moscow has been attempting to mess with the Democratic primaries to aid Senator Bernie Sanders.

Trump appears more concerned about the politics of Russian meddling than the ongoing attack itself.

The Nevada caucuses, occurring today, explained.

Twitter will suspend 70 pro-Bloomberg accounts, citing "platform manipulation and spam."

Was the New York Times admirable or irresponsible for giving op-ed space to a Taliban leader?

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More than 6,000 bodies were found in a mass grave in Burundi—one of over 4,000 mass graves mapped in the country.

Restrictions on refugees—and the limited protests against them—suggest many South Africans favor xenophobia.

There are currently 40 Africans and first generation Africans playing in the NBA.

Trump adviser Stephen Miller says that restricting immigration to the United States is "his life."

Nearly all of the biggest challenges in America are a housing problem, and individual cities aren't up to the task.

Delusion is an asset in any workplace where garbage language—”Do you have the bandwidth to drill down on this?”—is valued.

A preview of California’s “upstart exchange,” i.e., Silicon Valley’s own Wall Street.

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No matter the suffering of newspapers, Page Six still thrives in part by supporting people like Harvey Weinstein.

Martha Nussbaum says victim anger can be useful to feminists, but it can also become excessive and obsessive.

A woman and her husband use thousands of Lego to supply a German town with wheelchair ramps.

"Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Changes Name to Boneless Thugs-N-Harmony to Promote Buffalo Wild Wings."

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