Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Get plucky.

Scientists are detecting signs that the Gulf Stream may be collapsing. / The Guardian

The US has returned to winter levels of daily Covid infections, averaging around 100,000 new cases a day. / Associated Press

Related: If last year is any guide, Covid might surge in the fall and winter. Or this may be the surge, and it could be gone earlier than we thought. / The Atlantic

For the first time, an amateur astronomer has discovered a planetary moon—one of Jupiter's 79 (and counting) satellites. / Space

Rather than "seize the day," "carpe diem" more accurately translates as "plucking the day," referring not to aggression, but to enjoying this moment. Yes, this moment right now. / JSTOR Daily

"The Olympic-stadium speakers blasted hip-hop and ska." Watching Olympic skateboarding with aging skaters. / The Atlantic

See also: Lanna Apisukh's portraits of skateboarders, mostly women, around New York City. / BuzzFeed News

Gene Coleman composes an avant-garde soundtrack set to Olympic karate. / NPR

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Spotify knows you better than you know yourself, and there's really not much you can do about that. / WIRED

"Anonymous actors tend to be more, not less, sensitive to group norms." On pseudonymity and living authentically online. / The New York Times

UK officials say a random set of three words provides a more secure password than complex grouping of letters, numbers, and symbols. / The Guardian

A Bauhaus poster generator. / Tool.Graphics

"It wasn't who we wanted to be." What happened when influencers embraced a San Francisco restaurant's $72 "douchebag fried rice." / San Francisco Chronicle

Gundam in the style of Ukiyo-e prints, by Jed Henry. / This Isn't Happiness