Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Gleaming the cube.

Following Russia's accusations of election meddling, Apple and Google have removed Navalny's tactical voting app from their stores. / Reuters

The Wall Street Journal's new series on Facebook finds no evidence of any sort of good the company brings to the world. / Recode

Related: Cue the endless, meaningless apologies from Facebook, "the biggest and least accountable communications and media platform in history." / The New York Times

The Dutch are the tallest people on Earth, but their average height is now declining, possibly due to nutrition. / The Guardian

Researchers have discovered what may be the earliest known hominid hand and foot prints, dating to at least 169,000 years old. / Gizmodo

In a new study, specially designed makeup patterns were found to disrupt advanced facial recognition software with a success rate of up to 98%. / VICE

"Spice orange really should have become a Nintendo standard." An appreciation of the GameCube's design brilliance. / TheGamer

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Continuing a review fraud cleanup that began in May, Amazon has now banned thousands of seller accounts from around 600 Chinese brands. / South China Morning Post

See also: Amazon sellers are currently price gouging ivermectin. / BuzzFeed News

Related: A brief video explains the origins of ivermectin and how a single fraudulent paper—later retracted—sparked interest in the drug as a Covid treatment. / Boing Boing

Schadenfreude may be why people share anti-vax deathbed videos, but actually watching one replaces that feeling with horror. / The New Republic

"I wouldn't go on a trip without my antibodies." Antibody testing via medical concierge is having a moment among the affluent. / The New York Times

The Arc de Triomphe is finally wrapped in fabric, the realization of a decades-long dream by Christo and Jeanne-Claude. / NPR

Glass sculptures of wilting flowers, by Lilla Tabasso. / Colossal