President Biden recently taunted Republicans with a phrase he's been using for 25 years that no one understands. / NPR

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Vincent Lloyd recounts teaching an anti-racism seminar that turned into a cult. / Compact

An essay from Matthew Schnipper about listening to music—and his therapist—after the death of his young son. / The New Yorker

Regarding yesterday's link about Google and artificial intelligence, here's a new project for generating musical accompaniments. / Google APIs

Braggoscope is a new project using AI to scrape the beloved BBC intellectual program "In Our Time." / Github

The Golden Globe Race is a solo, nonstop, unassisted circumnavigation of the globe by sailboat—and only four contestants remain, led by a woman. / NPR

Getting rid of "forever chemicals" may become a multi-billion-dollar industry. / Grist

A study finds 60% of fabrics claiming to be made from recycled plastic bottles were made from virgin plastic. / BBC Future

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If they gave Oscars to books: a list of nominees from 2022. / Literary Hub

Americans are likely to spend $16 billion betting on Sunday's Super Bowl. / MarketWatch

This may not be news to anyone, but apropos of the Super Bowl, "boneless wings" are not wings. / The Associated Press

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