Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Home is where the art is

How is Tommy Tuberville single-handedly able to shut down confirmations for military leaders? Because of the Senate's arcane unanimous consent rules. / NPR

Three artists are suing Shein, accusing the fast-fashion brand of using AI to spot trendy designs and then steal them. / Hyperallergic

From lawsuits to sabotage, a roundup of the many revolts authors are mounting against AI systems. / The New York Times

"If you have access to a billionaire...most are very easy to program by simply playing to their insecurity and desire for acknowledgement of exceptionalism." / Anil Dash

First orcas, now an otter near Santa Cruz is attacking sea vessels—specifically surfboards, which it commandeers after threatening its rider. / Hyperallergic

Magpies are using humans' anti-bird spikes to build nests, which then, interestingly, can repel other birds. / The Atlantic

"Neutrals reign supreme, and the goal is to create a place that is inoffensive and that could appeal to many." HGTV is ruining our homes. / The Washington Post

After he died, a Liverpool-area renter's home was revealed to have been transformed—illegally—into an art wonderland styled as a classical villa. / Longreads

Piano virtuoso and pioneering Black classical performer André Watts has died at 77. / The New York Times

"I was alone and it was late and my vinyl was playing creepy messages." A Cabaret Voltaire song was erroneously pressed on copies of Taylor Swift's new album. / Pitchfork

Among the lessons of revisiting a '90s CD collection in the streaming era: It's easier to concentrate when the CD player is out of arm's reach. / InsideHook

Vintage photos where someone has been deleted, either cut out or scribbled over. / Boing Boing