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Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Hot or not.

Yesterday, Indiana became the first state to pass a near-total abortion ban since Roe was overturned. / CNN

Predicting how other states would vote if they had a Kansas-style abortion referendum. / The New York Times

Ineffectual government guidance and Covid vaccine disinformation led to countless stillbirths that didn't have to happen. (Content warning.) / ProPublica

"Meta is quietly curtailing some of the safeguards designed to thwart voting misinformation or foreign interference in US elections as the November midterm vote approaches." / Associated Press

A look at recent international events shows major powers are overly disinterested in maintaining the old world order. / Foreign Affairs

Historians contrast how Obama, Trump, and Biden announced operations that killed terrorist leaders—which can be uniquely bloodthirsty presidential addresses. / NPR

Residents of Jamestown Township, Mich., voted to defund their local library after it refused to remove LBGTQ books for young adults. / Literary Hub

More than ever, Texas needs Molly Ivins, "an unapologetic voice in the wilderness who promised like-minded Texans that they were not alone." / Texas Monthly

Designed for 100 years of wildfires, California's carbon offset program has been depleted by 95% after less than a decade. / Motherboard

More and more, the costliest weather disasters happen during summer, and they're only getting more expensive. / The Washington Post

"The climate is changing faster than our cultural and subjective experience of it." Why the same temperature can feel different depending on where you are. / FiveThirtyEight

Two-thirds of the northern and central Great Barrier Reef have recorded the highest coral cover seen in 36 years—though the southern region is losing cover. / CNBC

Famous (and not so famous) poems featuring Brooklyn Bridge Park bird species. / Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Like people, aging dogs can experience dementia. New canine studies look at ways to improve their cognition, and may point to human therapies as well. / Knowable Magazine

Starting in the late 19th century, Sioux Falls became America's divorce destination, a "Mecca for the mismated." / Atlas Obscura

Using a Universal Event Generator music sequencer to create the Upside Down theme from Stranger Things. / Boing Boing

Photos of the American West illuminated by UV light, by Cody Cobb. / Colossal