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Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Hot tub slime machine

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The House of Representatives approves the "Build Back Better" plan, with funding for social benefits and billions to address climate change. / The Washington Post

Op-ed: The plan also includes "cost disease socialism," which attends to inflation while leaving the cause of the underlying costs unaddressed. / The New York Times

Legal experts explain why the Rittenhouse acquittal isn't as a surprise, even though it defies legal standards for self defense. / NPR, the Conversation

David Brooks visits a conservative conference and makes friends with the intellectual right-wing youth. / The Atlantic

Since 2010, there has been a sharp rise in the number of young adults who report not having sex in the prior year. / Institute for Family Studies

Sex parties in New York are said to be better than ever, "in part because of a refreshing influx of new faces." / The Cut

Unrelated: An interview with Randy Newman and TMN's Rosecrans Baldwin on why people are reluctant to say they love Los Angeles. / California Today

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi says he'll repeal the controversial agriculture laws that sparked yearlong protests. / The Associated Press

Singapore resumes hosting big business conferences in contrast with Hong Kong, which is sticking with some of the world's toughest quarantine rules. / Reuters

The FDA expands emergency authorization for Covid-19 booster shots to all adults in the US. / STAT

Sweatpants are said to be dead, or at least destined for a more supporting role in your wardrobe. / The Guardian

A collection of vintage covers from more than 1,300 outdoor recreation catalogs and magazines. / Utah State University

Standouts from the Natural Landscape Photography Awards. / Natural Landscape Photography Awards

Related: Making creatures look like humans may help us protect them. / 1843 Magazine

Susanne Wedlich says slime makes humans biological creatures, yet also functions as "the line of demarcation between us and the Other." / Granta

Speaking of which, does it matter if you eat the stickers on fruits and vegetables? / The New York Times