Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: How to survive a Shanghai tollbooth

Police shut down more than half of the 2,315 schools in Catalonia designated as polling stations. Tens of thousands are expected to vote in a referendum that’s already been blocked by Spain’s constitutional court.

Polar bears converge in the hundreds on a bowhead whale carcass in Siberia.

“Supporting aid packages for Houston and Florida while ignoring Puerto Rico is not, to me, defensible under any rational or ethical standard. It’s just a 21st-century version of neglectful colonialism.”

Nestlé pumps water into plastic bottles only two hours away from Flint, where the water's still undrinkable.

Drip, drip, drip: Zinke, Pruitt, and Mnuchin have also cost taxpayers thousands of bucks by chartering private jets.

Before he died, Pat Tillman saw his fate as a PR tool in lies about another soldier's rescue.

Here's the original article by investigative report Sean Flynn that inspired October's new firefighting movie.

Forget a Mexican standoff—this is a Shanghai tollbooth (which is probably our favorite new catchphrase).

A Tinder user requested all of the information collected about her and by doing so revealed the internet's true purpose: surveillance.

For no good reason other than that it's the weekend: Some great color photographs of Belfast in 1955.

In the following installation of “Music Machine Mondays” (a new favorite video series of ours) the host improvises on a 500-year-old carillon.

Ben Weiner paints hair gel, body wash, and other beauty products in "The Age of Axe Shower Gel."

Somehow we missed this one—and it’s possibly the headline of the summer: "Man fined for pretending to be ghost in Portsmouth cemetery."

Since around 1975, average IQ scores have been falling. One theory blames the fact that we live longer.

“IQ is very useful and powerful for research purposes. It’s not nearly as interesting for you personally.” Worrying about IQs is silly. Researchers aren’t good at measuring them, and they’re sort of useless anyway.

An inspiring story to make you choke up: how Tiffany Wright earned a clerkship on the Supreme Court.

“Even having a conversation about the imbalance of emotional labor becomes emotional labor.” Here’s a so-so article about an interesting concept: women need to be “on” while men need to be congratulated for being “on.”

Director Sara Lamm’s latest documentary about tracking down her sperm-donor biological father has a nifty title: Thank You for Coming.

A video artist spent months pouring metallic and fluorescent paint over his hands, nipples, and lips. This is the result.

And now a poem for your weekend where the title says it all: “The Bachelor Watches The Bachelor,” by Jacob Saenz.