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Headlines Edition

Saturday headlines: Humdrum boyfriend fall

Helen Branswell: The FDA has authorized an additional dose of Pfizer and Moderna Covid vaccines for the immunocompromised. / STAT

Good news from Chicago: Health officials say Lollapalooza doesn't appear to have been a superspreader event. / Slate

"I think you have to live your best life. But be cautious." An interview with Andy Slavitt, former White House Covid adviser. / Wake up to Politics

In world news, Ethiopia's escalating violence requires "tough love" from Washington. The scale of the conflict is truly horrendous. / Brookings, Twitter

The race to build Africa's 5G networks is entangled in "a US push to cut Huawei's dominance." / rest of world

Related: Mobility, migration, and modern slavery in Africa. / The Republic

Afghanistan is disintegrating as the Taliban gain momentum. Anyone who didn't see this coming, didn't read Dexter Filkins back in March. / The Economist, The New Yorker

See also: "In interview after interview, soldiers and police officers described moments of despair and feelings of abandonment." / The New York Times

Belarus and Hong Kong are said to be building the 21st Century's Berlin Walls. / Foreign Policy

The United States is more diverse and has more people than ever before. A map of where we live and how we identify.

No, a cartoonist did not drive the Ku Klux Klan out of Ohio with his drawings, though he likely influenced anti-Klan opinion. / The Baffler

See also: "The Constructed Self," an ongoing series of sliced and diced portraits by Karen Navarro. / Karen Navarro

The total price tag for NASA's new spacesuit will be over $1 billion, more than what it cost to build the Falcon 9 orbital rocket and cargo Dragon spacecraft. / Quartz

Watch: How to brew coffee if you time-travel back to 1850s Vienna. / The Morning News

An interesting conversation with Robert Levin, whose version of Mozart's Requiem is considered the most convincing by many critics. / Van Magazine

Observations from Ted Gioia on why lullabies don't get any respect from music types. "The obvious explanation is shame." / The Honest Broker

Olivia Craighead: Life is better when you find and befriend your "tethered," i.e., a worse version of yourself. / Gawker

Who knew? The hot new accessory for fall is a partner with zero internet presence. / i-D