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Saturday Headlines: Insert ‘80s horror synth here

Ahead of today's white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., torch-carrying marchers clashed with counter-protesters last night on the UVA campus.

Trump's pugilism feeds North Korea's ongoing narrative that, as the victim of American bullying, it needs a nuclear program.

“If Trump or his advisers aren’t considering Korea’s long view, he’s going to join the long list of leaders who have gotten the nation dangerously wrong.” Battered by Mongol, Chinese, Japanese and Russian incursions, Korea has learned to survive through isolation and by "playing great powers off one another."

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An appeals court junks the deportation order of an immigrant who dropped his daughter off at school.

A woman changing the license plates on her car is accused at gunpoint of grand theft auto. It's yet another case where a civilian needs to remain calm to stay alive—facing a loaded gun—while a trained officer gets to panic and overreact.

The EPA calls the cops on reporters trying to cover an event on public university grounds.

Politically unviable medication-assisted treatment for opiate users could cut overdoses in half.

In 2016, 50.2 percent of Americans chose cremation in lieu of burial; the projected rate for 2035 is 78.8 percent.

An engraved motif on very old human bones suggests a ritualistic component of cannibalistic practices.

Eager to vote, some Kenyans rent babies in order to skip long election lines.

Which internment camp Japanese-Americans were assigned during WWII markedly affected their economic futures.

“Sontag’s intimate and emotional journals of love affairs, self-doubt, vanity, tenderness, intellectual curiosity and insatiable zest for living, constitute the ‘great autobiographical novel she never cared to write.’” The "politics, psychology and philosophy of toughness" are reviewed in a new book about six modern women: Simone Weil, Hannah Arendt, Mary McCarthy, Susan Sontag, Diane Arbus, and Joan Didion.

The 35 best female composers in classical music, from Meredith Monk to Missy Mazolli.

Basement Bhangra, a 20-year recurring club night, helped catalyze New York's South Asian creative class.

A bus full of pods is schlepping commuters overnight from LA to San Francisco, going slower to ensure better sleep.

"Under the Cowboy." "I Hate the Marine." What happens when you ask a neural net to invent romance titles.

California reminds visitors not to remove polished garbage from any of its three "glass beaches."

Pre-HBO stardom, John Oliver co-hosted The Bugle podcast—“an audio newspaper for a visual world”—with comedian Andy Zaltzman. And never before and never again will exist such a delightful mishmash of bad puns, terrible wordplay, dick jokes, and weird news about cricket.

“The smoothest place to sit is over the wings, nearest to the plane’s centers of lift and gravity. The roughest spot is usually the far aft.” A pilot explains how turbulence works, the many reasons it’s nothing to fear, and why the skies actually are getting bumpier.

Beautifully toned pictures from British photographer Vicki King.

The narrator in The Wonder Years replaced with '80s horror synth.