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Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Is Amazon bigger than New York?

In California, the Camp Fire has now killed at least 71 people and left more than 1,000 missing—and many residents say all the signs were there that something like this could happen.

The CIA has concluded that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered Jamal Khashoggi's murder.

"So let's be clear—this is not a speech of concession, because concession means to acknowledge an action is right, true, or proper." Stacey Abrams ends her bid to become the next governor of Georgia, says she will file a lawsuit against the state for "the gross mismanagement of this election and to protect future elections from unconstitutional actions."

Related: Georgia Governor-elect Brian Kemp's long—and, apparently successful—history of voter suppression.

Yet another midterm surprise: Progressive policies won support in conservative districts, and vice versa.

Fact-checking Trump is kind of like fact-checking one of those talking dolls programmed to say the same phrases for eternity, except if none of those phrases were true.

More jobs than homes: A Seattleite lets in New Yorkers on all the ways Amazon is about to annihilate their city.

Facebook is demonstrably destructive to individuals and society. An argument for the "moral imperative" of quitting Facebook.

As medical technology, human augmentation, and hacking grow and converge, we're now closer than ever to Ghost in the Shell.

An ecological wonderland for now, Yellowstone Park's flora and fauna are already changing due to global warming.

Like tree rings, whales' earwax plugs offer a glimpse into history. Right now, rising cortisol levels point to new stressors.

How David Hockney's Portrait of an Artist (Pool With Two Figures), which just sold at auction for $90.3 million—the most ever for a living artist's work—was originally created.

The Texas Board of Education votes to include slavery as a cause of the Civil War in social studies curricula.

As the lines started to build up, his employees got stressed out, and the stress would cause them to not be as friendly, or to shout out crazy long wait times for burgers in an attempt to maybe convince people to leave, and things fell by the wayside. A food writer reckons with the knowledge that his glowing review killed a restaurant by overwhelming it with too much business. See more in The Editors' Longreads Picks.

Drawings and paintings of everyday objects, not always arranged in everyday ways, by Carl Hammoud.

Saw the mounted policemen again. Picked up my run as I headed due East, now on the south side of the reflecting pool. Snow in my face, the flakes smaller, more biting now, maybe sleet. It had changed. Beto O’Rourke gets back to his emo roots in a Medium post.

In an annual event, sorters from libraries around the US compete to see who can process the most items in one hour.

Video: Surreal animations invade the real world.

A stylized visualization of nearby exoplanets.