Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: It’s a floating garbage patch, but it’s home.

At least five people have died, and nearly a million people are without power in the Carolinas after Hurricane Florence made landfall yesterday.

Only seven of the 27 US counties where midterm toss-up races are occurring have confirmed they've implemented two-factor authentication on their election offices' email servers.

How Hungary slid into "soft fascism": claims of election fraud, rampant gerrymandering, and media takeovers.

Statistics that sound as if they describe the broad American economy—like GDP and the Dow Jones industrial average—end up mostly describing the experiences of the affluent. Most Americans’ wealth is in homes, not stocks. It’s time to reform how economic data is reported.

It's been 10 years since the financial crash, and we're making all the same mistakes again—notably, helping the rich get richer and electing Donald Trump.

"I think I could lend a hand to Mark Zuckerberg. I liked seeing him wearing a suit [to testify before Congress about privacy issues] because it showed effort. I really think he should try harder." An interview with the Silicon Valley stylist who makes tech bros—and those who want to be them—look like that.

Day Zero changed South Africa. With everyone at risk of running out of water, the country was forced to reckon with its racial divisions. As more countries experience the effects of climate change, expect political change to follow.

“The negative part is that what we’re doing to the planet is making it less suitable for our own survival. Human civilization has depended upon millennia of fairly stable and predictable climate conditions.” How climate change will make our world smaller, by rendering more parts uninhabitable.

Researchers are discovering newly evolved microbes—some pathogenic—within the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Of women who commit suicide, 36.6% are Indian—triple that of countries with similar geographies and socioeconomics.

Visualizing the outcomes of 173,608 rape cases in India's justice system—only a tiny portion ended in convictions.

How Britain's boarding schools ruined the world.

Thanks to phonics, literacy in America is improving; however, many schools are either ill-prepared or resistant to embrace the curriculum.

In 1982, the sci-fi movie Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam made the most of its low budget by lifting footage from Star Wars—in some cases, having actors perform in front of George Lucas's original film.

A software engineer hacked a knitting machine to stitch a 15-foot-wide skyscape tapestry, with all 88 constellations.