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Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: It’s a small world.

Thursday's dramatic flooding in New York City is a sign the city's infrastructure isn't prepared for future climate conditions. / The Guardian

A tour of the "Anom" phone the FBI sold to unwitting criminals as part of a honeypot scheme. / VICE

If the recent QAnon conference in Dallas is any indication, the movement's new enemy is the Republican Party. / Texas Monthly

The chip shortage we're currently living through was exacerbated by Trump's trade war, which disrupted international supply chains. / The New York Times

National Spelling Bee champion Zaila Avant-garde holds three Guinness World Records—all of which she earned before turning 13. / The Cut

"JUUL use by adult never smokers was uncommon." What happened when Juul Labs sponsored an entire issue of a science journal. / VICE

America's national parks are seeing record numbers of visitors this summer. Photos show just how crowded the parks are. / The New York Times

A nature film, except it's entirely hand-crafted in miniature by Clemens Wirth. / The Morning News

Plants and flowers frankensteined by photographer Jennifer Latour. / Booooooom

The weirdly correct images AI can produce based on text like "a car driving down a desert road in monument valley." / AI Weirdness

Once thought to be a parasite to its parent plants, albino redwoods may in fact protect them by siphoning away heavy metals. / Atlas Obscura

"I zeroed in on his palm, and a few shakes later I felt a little rush twinged with relief." The handshake's future is uncertain. / Esquire

How a thousand-year-old temple in Japan is constantly rebuilt: institutions transmitting knowledge. / The Prepared

Creators can have copyrighted works revert to their sole ownership after 35 years. Here's how often that actually happens. / Kottke

Film and television have a blind spot when it comes to depicting the real effects of austerity measures. / The Walrus

"You're more likely to have a machine work with you than replace you." Why researchers are using robots to build Ikea furniture. / WIRED

A supercut of gymnasts gracefully recovering from mistakes. / The Morning News

"Madame Defarge knits her revenge." From Dr. Seuss to Willa Cather, an incomplete survey of fictional knitters. / The Believer