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Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: It’s not that bad. It’s worse.

This morning, Biden signed the gun-safety bill into law—the first major gun legislation in 30 years. Here's what's included in the bill. / NPR, CNN

An annotated version of the Supreme Court's decision in Dobbs v. Jackson, the case that overturned Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey. / The New York Times

Next, Justice Thomas wants the court overrule landmark decisions protecting legal contraception and same-sex marriage and intimacy. / NBC News

Abortion providers have been bracing for this. A guide on how to access abortion services in post-Roe America. / BuzzFeed News

Yesterday, the map that shows the distance a woman must travel to reach an abortion clinic changed almost immediately. / The New York Times

Jia Tolentino: State-level anti-abortionists are working to criminalize pregnancy—with Roe overturned, it will get worse. / The New Yorker

"Each individual stage of the systematic stripping of people's rights can be framed as 'not that bad' if viewed in contextless isolation." / The Real News

A playlist by author Carlene Bauer of "songs about girls—about women. Mothers, daughters, sculptors, Jolenes." / FSG Work in Progress

So far this year, male pro tennis players have earned 75% more prize money than women—it's the widest gap since 2001. / The Financial Times

Wimbledon's requirement that players only wear white is ridiculous, and asks too much of women on their periods. / The Telegraph

Recommendations for the tete-a-tetes—aka "gossip chairs"—that various talk shows should include in their sets. / Dirt

"Management may regain the upper hand from labor, as the Great Resignation becomes the Great Labor Slackening." A recession could end WFH. / The Atlantic

Thirty years after the Boipatong massacre, reflecting on how South Africa's ANC degenerated from aspiration into corruption. / New Frame

As Americans become more and more numbed to gun violence, we need emotional reaction videos to express what we often cannot. / The New York Times

In a new study on trust in journalism, only 26% of Americans trust the news, the lowest in all sampled countries. / Reuters Institute

Nguy Thi Khanh won a Goldman Prize for stopping new coal plans. Vietnam continued a pattern by arresting her for tax evasion. / The New York Times

A fascinating look inside a scheme that used multiple businesses to steal millions through tax credits. / Maclean's

How a hacker accessed personal details of Jacuzzi SmartTub owners. / Motherboard

"If you're a fan of OXO, the very mention of the Good Grips handle has likely sent you into a Proustian reverie." / Slate

Herbie Hancock on how Miles Davis pushed him to experiment in both music and technology. / The Guardian

Agnes Giberne's The Story of the Sun, Moon, and Stars (1879) is "the foundation for a phenomenological star wisdom." / The Public Domain Review