Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Jean-yuhs.

Ikea claims the majority of its timber is sustainably harvested, yet it's the largest landowner in Romania, where illegal cutting is rampant. / The New Republic

The National Archives has confirmed Trump took classified documents to Mar-a-Lago and that White House staff did not properly keep social media records. / CNN

Among the line items in what may be the most ridiculous used-car quote are $1,995 for "Xzilon Silver Level" and $899 for a "predelivery service charge." / Jalopnik

"It seemed absurd that I needed to grit my teeth to engage in something that was supposed to be fun." On resolving to reenter life in the pandemic. / The New York Times

Connecting the dots between AI-led fashion and Umberto Eco's denim shows how even when some garments aren't real, they can still change who you are. / Dirt

"I haven't stopped thinking about my own survival odds since." How to make it—or not—through the next vibe shift. / The Cut

See also: Lessons in breaking through fashion anxiety to find yourself—in a pair of Comme des Garçons drop-crotch pants. / The Morning News

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Comprehending Meta's Super Bowl ad requires understanding everything that led the company to this one bleak moment. / Defector

"Can you really feel shared euphoria when your avatar is one of millions of humanoids linked only by a broadband line?" Raving in the metaverse. / Resident Advisor

By and large, guitar companies' partner with male artists for signature guitars—despite the fact that there are now more well-known female guitarists than ever. / InsideHook

A tour of the "corner store" Hollywood prop masters frequent to acquire nondescript, fake-branded products. / In the Know

People are paying TikTok influencers to slide into their partners' DMs to perform "loyalty tests." / Input

Redacting text by pixelating it doesn't work anymore. / Boing Boing

Researchers find mosquitoes are attracted to red, orange, black, and cyan—but mainly ignore green, purple, blue, and white. / Hyperallergic

Using nocturnal photographs, Laura Findlay paints images where what's normally hidden can now be seen. / Booooooom

Semantle is Wordle for semantics, with infinite guesses. / Semantle