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Headlines, Y'all!

Saturday headlines: Jewel injection.

Earth just had the hottest May on record, with 2020 on track to be one of the top 10 warmest years, alarming climate scientists.

Restoring summer tourism isn’t just an economic necessity for Europe, but also a cultural one.

A large group of infectious disease experts publish an open letter in support of the protests sweeping the US.

Regarding the president and/or his propaganda machine: versus Twitter, versus George Floyd, versus the protests, versus Roger Goodell, versus black journalists.

Karen Attiah for the Washington Post: How Western media would cover Minneapolis if it happened in another country.

Why is there so little outrage over police violence in African countries? It might have something to do with social media.

A poem for your weekend: “Mandela’s Sermon,” by Keorapetse Kgositsile.

Flaws in society are easy to point out, but resolving them often conflicts with the basic assumptions of governance in our country. Also, some looters explain their actions.

"I was taking an Uber from the airport to my house." From 2014, Ty Ahmad-Taylor tallied all of his encounters with cops since he was 17.

A round-up of some of the Marshall Project's best reporting on the root causes of police violence.

Related: Good resources for those who are interested in research-based solutions to stop police violence.

White people, it’s not a great idea to call up black people you met a decade ago and ask how they’re feeling.

Recent statements about racism by Amazon and other companies suggest a different picture than one painted by their practices. 

Related: Jeff Bezos talks about Amazon’s BLM endorsement.

Diet Prada™ has been doing a good job of calling out fashion brands (or promoting those who call them out) that are co-opting Black Lives Matter.

For those working from home, wearing a tie with a T-shirt may increase your productivity.

"The most urgent filmmaking anybody’s doing in this country right now is by black people with camera phones."

The new Run the Jewels album is out, free for download. (Any donations go to the National Lawyers Guild Mass Defense Fund.) Unrelated, here are some boring postcards from Portugal.

Some art if you want to take a breath: Spanish artist Anxo Vizcaíno’s dreamy, space-y series "The Observatory."

A week in protests, headlines, and social unrest, as told in film stills. 

See also: “Protest,” by TMN’s Rosecrans Baldwin, from his newsletter about beautiful things.

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Black lives matter, but not everybody gets the message—just look at what some white ladies have been up to lately.