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Headlines Edition

Saturday headlines: Jia Tolentino has a posse.

Topical headline TK

Topical headline TK

Topical headline TK

Some think democracy is having a midlife crisis. New books suggest we don’t even know what democracy is.

This year is stocked with police officers being shot by people who were not legally allowed to possess guns.

We should expect eco-fascism to grow as pressure on resources mixes with ethnonationalism.

UPS confirms that autonomous trucks have been carrying its cargo from Tucson to Phoenix for months.

New "soft exosuits" use algorithms to accurately determine the wearer's gait and help with locomotion.

“We’re sitting in front of a problem.” A Hollywood master of deepfakes says even he can't spot the best shams.

Something you may not know: The NSA sponsors summer camps where kids unmask hackers and construct underwater vehicles.

Ships used to have red hulls because copper oxides kept stuff from growing on the bottom. Now it's just tradition.

An engrossing look into the sale of a supposed da Vinci “Salvator Mundi” and the (not-disinterested) management of the art canon.

Two stories of swindling suggest that as long as there are writers hoping to publish, there are people attempting to rob them.

A little old, but still valuable: Miles Klee outlines the differences between bloomers, gloomers, and doomers.

"The ideal woman is always optimizing." Jia Tolentino on athleisure, cyborgs, and women who obey Instagram.

From a 2005 study, but still fun: men are more likely to believe in extraterrestrials, women are more likely to believe in ghosts.

A podcast episode for your weekend: How the former voice of Ronald McDonald became one of America’s most successful gay pornographers (with help from the Marine Corps).

Jonah Jeng publishes his highly informed survey of the last decade’s best action scenes, including scenes from many movies you’ve never heard of