Headlines edition

Saturday headlines: Judge me judge me judge me.

By not wanting to hear witnesses, Lamar Alexander has done us all a favor: the trial that wasn’t really a trial will soon be over, “and we will no longer have to listen to it.”

Republicans feel trapped by Trump in Washington and by his “cult” of supporters back home.

It turns out the Library of Congress is afraid of Trump too.

"Fox’s message is clear: When the stakes are highest and the spotlight is brightest, the network produces right-wing propaganda, not journalism."

Approaching the Iowa primary, what is everyone reading? A scrappy start-up in the East Village of Des Moines.

A Bayesian analysis finds a 15.8% chance that Bernie Sanders is a crypto-communist hiding in plain sight.

Young leftists love Vivian Gornick's books on socialists and American Communism—works that she routinely disparages.

Ross Douthat is the rare political columnist to seem “aware that the battles he cares about have been lost, perhaps permanently.”

Etsy explains how it doubled its hiring of black and Latino employees within a year.

Dayna Tortorici goes deep into the push and pull of her Instagram addiction.

Google sees a spike in people searching for the words virus, corona, and beer.

In Wuhan, two hospitals are being constructed for coronavirus patients in a matter of days.

Britain has left the EU—here are the front pages—but what happens now?

Why do Ivy Leaguers pursue jobs in consulting and finance? Because they're "sufficiently anodyne" and require few specific skills.

Kenya is a rich source of highly qualified people ready to take on homework assignments.

Among the perils of the mattress industry: more than 170 US companies now sell mattresses online.

A solution to US cities' lack of public toilets? Soon you may be able to summon a bathroom from your phone.

Universities in the States are trying to install tracking software on students' phones, in part to monitor class attendance.

The story of US-Saudi (i.e., Aramco) relations from the eyes of “a fully indoctrinated company kid.”

A new exhibition in New York City gathers four decades of abstract art from the Arab world.

Some footage on how special effects are made for movie or TV scenes involving boats, pirates, water, etc. 

“All I do is listen to country (and the occasional Joni) and smoke. Judge me judge me judge me.” A poem about country music.

Case study of the work of Roger Ferriter, best known for designing the logo and packaging for Hanes L’eggs brand of pantyhose.

A new, real-time chat room for up to six participants is meant to be ephemeral: messages almost instantly disappear.

Happy (early) Groundhog Day: In Woodstock, Ill., where Groundhog Day was filmed, hundreds of fans gather every year, year after year, to celebrate their favorite movie.