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Headlines edition

Saturday headlines: Kate tectonics

Pennsylvania's Republican primary for Senate is likely headed for a statewide recount. / The Associated Press

An interactive record of proposed redistricting maps shows whether they'll benefit Democrats or Republicans in the midterms. / FiveThirtyEight

A roundup of recent bills that passed (or failed) in the House or Senate. / Wake Up to Politics

The New York Times East Africa correspondent describes what it was like to watch Somalia's presidential election up close last weekend. / Twitter

Rosa Lyster: The history of South African mines shows that diamonds are not very rare, but they are prized from a unique misery. / The London Review of Books

The bird-watching Black man (Christian Cooper) falsely accused by a Karen gets a birding show on National Geographic. / NPR

Lauren Silverman: Knowing about fish ladders can make it easier to understand human relationships. / Human Parts

Jeff VanderMeer says living in Florida right now, from a wilderness perspective, is a vision of a future that's alternately purgatory, heaven, and hell. / Current Affairs

Unrelated: An umbrella to be sold by Gucci and adidas in China—for $1,600—faces criticism for not blocking rain. / BBC News

A study finds extreme heat events, on the rise thanks to climate change, are linked to higher overall adult death rates across the US. / The Hill

How to cultivate an effective crisis mindset: Start by making non-crisis moments count. / Ribbonfarm

A few nice things written about road trips, the Eurovision song contest, the magic of alleyways. And a list about why to make lists.  / The Missouri Review, Penny Red, Hazlitt, Meditations in an Emergency

In dubious trend reporting, the baby tee is said to be back, likewise cargo denim. / The Guardian, Refinery29

Ted Cruz complains about women like Kate Beckinsale being attracted to men like Pete Davidson, presumably not men like Ted Cruz. / Mediaite

Related: A man who grew a penis on his arm would also like to date Kate Beckinsale. / Page Six