Headlines Edition

Saturday headlines: Kick the mullet

In 2020, more than twice as many folks were displaced within their own country by climate disaster as were forced out as refugees. / The Guardian

“We think we’re taught history. But we’re really taught propaganda.” Geography is the chessboard of history. / Uncharted Territories

Israeli population cartography incorporated Palestinians through the act of erasing them. / The MIT Press Reader

The LA Times editorial board tells it straight to Californians: There is no drought. / The Los Angeles Times

A diverse, excited community shapes the Great Lakes' surf culture, where there's practically no surf at all. / Patagonia

American families explain what they spend in a month. / The New York Times

City neighborhoods that suffer from low access to fresh food might be ripe for microfarms: community gardens built in front yards. / The Los Angeles Times

It’s generally illegal to sell prison-made goods across state lines. That doesn't apply to food items, which may be stocked in your local grocery store. / The Counter

Those highly customized Starbucks drinks favored on TikTok are called “appucinos.” Also, iced drinks now outsell hot drinks year-round. / BuzzFeed News

Gen Z’s answer to the mullet is “the wolf cut.” / CNN

The Roland-Garros poster, an annual tradition, goes gay for 2021. / Racquet

A new trend among Republicans: "zero-issue candidates" who sign up for politics not to legislate, but to get famous on television. / The Washington Post

Making your dog famous on the internet turns out to be pretty difficult. Meanwhile, a Philadelphia mom watches Mare of Easttown. / The Walrus, Twitter

For some people, one thing that went missing during the pandemic (unfortunately) is having a personal nemesis. / The Cut

"It’s horrendous, it’s constant failure, it’s hard and it’s not working and you’re confused." Geoff McFetridge loves to paint. / It's Nice That