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Headlines edition

Saturday headlines: Known goal.

The US officially quits the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces agreement, so maybe we’ll have a new arms race with Russia.

Trump lets it be known he doesn’t believe Mueller’s warnings about Russian election-hacking

More than 110 US towns and cities can claim that a 2020 presidential candidate put down roots at one point.

Trump’s supporters, while demonstrating racial biases, say they’re tired of being called racists.

NBA referees show profitable biases: they favor home teams, teams losing during games, and teams losing in playoff series.

About 3% of billionaire philanthropy goes to climate change, compared to about 0.01% of the federal budget.

An uninhabited island in the South Pacific has about 18 tons of trash, accumulating several thousand pieces of plastic every day.

An overview of the Apollo Command Module's, er, waste management system, and an attempt to recreate the experience in real life.

The New Yorker magazine has polluted the world with tote bags. Let's be clear: they're terrible tote bags.

Playboy relaunches as an ad-free quarterly overseen by millennial feminists who believe in "consensual objectification."

When clothing brands charge extra for plus sizes, claiming additional costs, it's not only a bad look, it's bad business.

Nine graduate students talk about the difficulties and pleasures found in quitting their Ph.D. programs.

"I’ve learned to trust those first instincts." Six top architects revisit their first commissions.

I.M. Pei may have lived for over a century, but it matters more "that he sustained a modern vernacular for fifty years."

Examples from "the trailblazer generation" of black architects in Detroit.

Record-breaking heat waves across Europe signal a need for design changes to withstand the climate crisis.

There is a place for steel spikes and Baccarat crystal in contemporary architecture, says a critic, just not in the rebuilding of Notre-Dame.

Watch: Researchers in China made an autonomous bicycle using a “neuromorphic” chip, modeled after the human brain.

“You can’t unknow information.” An essay on the anxiety of knowing how to use location-sharing apps.