Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Lazy old sun.

A series of devastating tornadoes hit Kentucky and other states last night, leaving at least 70 people dead. / NBC News

Aerial footage of the aftermath in Mayfield, Ken. / Twitter

Now that the Supreme Court has left Texas's abortion law in place, expect more states to pass similar laws. / The Intercept

This is bonkers: After the 2020 election, a publicist for Kanye West pressured a Georgia election worker to falsely confess to Trump's accusations of fraud. / Reuters

Photosynthesis is inefficient, but science wants to change that, and in doing so could alleviate a global food shortage. / The New Yorker

Advances in energy and biotech, and other reasons to be excited for the (near) future of technology. / Noahpinion

"Sometimes we take the beautiful things in our life for granted." A stunningly detailed photo of the Sun. / Hyperallergic

See also: How the view of Earth from space is changing humanity. / VICE

Apparently Finland's Prime Minister edits photos of herself to look like a cat, and then posts them on a 4chan-like forum. / Garbage Day

In 1960, Hallmark commissioned Salvador Dalí for a set of Christmas cards. / Vintage Everyday

"Every year, the top Microsoft Excel users (players?) from around the world face off in the Financial Modeling World Cup." / The Verge

Watch: The history of the super-cool "S" everyone has doodled at some point. / Boing Boing

Cut-paper scenes with floral arrangements, by Thomas Witte. / Booooooom