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Headlines Edition

Saturday headlines: Learned helpfulness!

The White House is expected to nominate Amy Coney Barrett to fill fill the Supreme Court vacancy left by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. / The Washington Post

Operation Warp Speed is the White House's best attempt at fighting coronavirus. Trump can't seem to help but undermine it. / POLITICO

Trump says he will send prescription drug coupons to seniors this month, using savings from a plan that hasn't happened yet. / STAT

The GOP has flooded Facebook with “law and order” advertising, a topic virtually untouched (and unanswered) by the Biden campaign. / The Marshall Project

Related: Trump's use of false content is often defended as humor, but “his supporters aren't always in on the joke.” / CNN

Experts say QAnon mania is inherently anti-Semitic, with antisemitic tropes laced through its conspiracy theories. / The Times of Israel

A picture of hope? Mariana Sousa, a dancer at Ballet of Paraisopolis, a school in one of the biggest favelas in Sao Paulo, Brazil. / AFP

See also: "Queer Skateboarding." / Ross Landenberger

Young criminals use TikTok to broadcast the "mafia lifestyle" and make themselves known to higher-ups in the mafia world. / VICE

The randomness of songs going viral on TikTok "takes a lot of the power away from the labels.” / The Los Angeles Times

Related: Alex Ross on the hidden costs of streaming music. / The New Yorker

During lockdown, birds have improved the quality of their songs, as they call to defend territory or attract a mate. / BBC News

Nina Totenberg remembers her great friend Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. / NPR

Senior Pentagon leaders worry their commander in chief might order American troops into any chaos around the coming elections. / The New York Times

Teju Cole finds solace during this period in the turmoil of Carvaggio. “I seek him out for a certain kind of otherwise unbearable knowledge.” / The New York Times Magazine

See also: Faced with unexpected uncertainty, the brain reacts by increasing its learning rate. The trick is to avoid “learned helplessness.” / Aeon

More than half of cities are boosting police spending or keeping it the same from the last fiscal year. / Bloomberg CityLab

The crime of jaywalking is actually the result of "an aggressive, forgotten 1920s campaign led by auto groups and manufacturers." / Vox

Helsinki's airport employs coronavirus-sniffing dogs that can detect the virus five days before a human develops symptoms. / BBC News

Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife bring suitcases full of dirty laundry on foreign visits for their hosts to clean. / The Washington Post

Qantas is selling fully stocked bar carts, which include wine, eye-masks, and Qantas pajamas. / Business Insider Australia

Coming soon to your socially distanced Halloween: a zip line for dealing with trick-or-treaters. / The Morning News