Headlines edition

Saturday headlines: Let bear be light

The combination of more Delta and more unmasked, unvaccinated people means "your vaccine-induced immunity is challenged more often." / STAT

Fewer than half of people in the U.S. ages 18 to 24 are fully vaccinated. / NBC News

Rescuers race to find survivors of floods that have killed more than 150 people across western Europe. / BBC News

Whether or not climate change caused these floods, it made them more likely. / The Economist

California approves the nation's first state-funded guaranteed income plan. / The Associated Press

State officials say you shouldn't set your car on fire to scare away bears. / Fox 40

American Airlines and other companies resume donations to Republicans who voted against certifying President Biden's victory. / The Washington Post

Biden's 20-something granddaughters have become "his go-to digital validators." / Politico

Why did we almost go to war with Iran under President Trump? "Because they are evil." / The New Yorker 

See also: Ethical dilemmas faced by building engineers. / The Conversation

How to make a sweater from discarded bulletproof vests and firefighter jackets. / Moss and Fog

Claudia Goldin: Equal pay for men and women requires a level playing field at home and in the market. / The New York Times

Watch: Green tomatoes are sorted from the red tomatoes by fast-moving, pinball-style flippers. / The Morning News

The size of Berkeley Bowl's produce section means cashiers need to memorize codes for upwards of 3,000 items. / SF Gate

Mark Polizzotti: Literary translation isn't just about matching words for words, but understanding the silences between them. / The MIT Press Reader

Street photographs by artist Mike Slack join short excerpts from Rosecrans Baldwin's new nonfiction bestseller Everything Now. / MCD x FSG, Bookshop

Yoann Bourgeois choreographs a piece to mark the centenary of composer Claude Debussy's death. / Open Culture

This week at Camp ToB, we discussed the back half of Kazuo Ishiguro's Klara and the Sun. / The Morning News