Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Let the panda win.

In a phone call yesterday, Trump and Putin agreed "there was no collusion." Asked afterward whether they talked about election meddling or if he warned Putin not to do it again, Trump said, "Really, we didn’t discuss it."

“They feel no obligation to provide appropriate care to the kids or follow any recommendations by a medical provider. And that’s demonstrated over and over again to the point where it interferes with our ability to practice medicine.” A pediatrician who treated immigrant children describes the medical negligence at shelters.

Former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly has joined the board of directors for the nation's largest facility for unaccompanied migrant children.

If confirmed, a short-range missile test by North Korea yesterday would be its first missile launch since November 2017.

"The Mississippi River has been flooding for 41 days now."

A new scientific paper explains how air-conditioning units could recapture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and convert it into fuel.

In "New Fears," illustrator Anuj Shrestha interprets modern anxieties.

A roundup of recent post-apocalyptic detective fiction, the best of which finds a way to address the true nature of grief.

The debut episode of The Maris Review, Maris Kreizman's new podcast, features an interview with Mira Jacob.

A high school newspaper journalist and her advisor have won a battle to publish an article about a student who works in porn.

Debates within the autism community over "neurodiversity" terminology often come down to the degree of medical intervention.

The two gaggles seem to concentrate into distinct droplets, like blobs of oil in water. A no-frills guide to gene transcription.

Watch: Time-lapse video of salts crystalizing. From Beauty of Science, which previously filmed these mesmerizing time lapses of chemical reactions.

Giant pandas are carnivores that have evolved to get nutrients from plants—which could mean rethinking how we classify animals.

"The last few years have made it clear that the Phillips curve—the relationship between unemployment and inflation—has either changed shape or become irrelevant."

A fascinating dive into the typography choices of all the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates so far.

The cars driven by diplomats in the US, broken out by make, model, and diplomats' home country.

Jeopardy! is relying on the honor system for its studio audience not to spoil the end of James Holzhauer's winning streak.

See also: Spoilers ruin everything. And because of the way that information can stick in our brains, even joke spoilers ruin everything.

People queued outside the publisher’s offices for the next installment and placed bets on the “secret” of its antagonist. William Gladstone, then the UK’s chancellor of the exchequer, cancelled a theatre visit so he could catch up with the newest developments. A brief history of Victorian spoilers.

Kronos Quartet is performing a series of live accompaniments over a documentary about the group itself.

Correction: We didn’t include a link to "The city has sex with everything," the poem mentioned in yesterday's newsletter. You can read it here.