Headlines Edition

Saturday headlines: Life. Now.

Serge Schmemann: "I Wrote the Lead Times Article on 9/11. Here's What Still Grips Me." / The New York Times

As Ethiopia confronts a new year, Tigrays are accused of pillaging towns and killing supposed enemies. / AFP,  The Telegraph

Military leaders deposed Guinea's president Alpha Conde in a coup this week, in part because Guineans want their president limited to two terms. / Afro Barometer

What do Germans fear the most? Tax hikes, a rising cost in living, refugees, pollutants in their food. / Deutsche Welle

Gen Z members flock to climate careers. "There's no point in pursuing a career—or life for that matter—in any other area." / The Guardian

A series of portraits by Sarah Stedeford of people living in London's Croydon neighborhood. / i-D

A Swedish artist draws the American Southwest in colored pencil. / Johan David Fridlund Art

Related: Pictures and stories from California's aging and/or abandoned hippie communes. / GQ Style

In California, only 41% of correctional officers have had at least one dose of a vaccine, compared to 75% of inmates. / The Associated Press

"Is this my life now?" A Clemson football player relates his struggles with long-haul Covid. / ESPN

A married pair of "forensic genealogists" are trying to solve cases of missing trans people. / Xtra* Magazine

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Considering today's US Open final between two teenage women, an appreciation for the rise of young people this year:  "Age is, or will soon be, winning." / The Racquet

Venus Williams: "It doesn't matter who you are. You need support." / The New York Times

US Open semifinalist Alexander Zverev has been credibly accused of domestic violence. Tennis's governing body has done virtually nothing in response. / The Washington Post

A wild story explains how to replace an airplane's wheel in mid-air in 1926. / Air & Space

Up for auction: Some of the cars that survived the filming of Mad Max: Fury Road. / Lloyd's Auctioneers and Valuers