Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Loss leader.

The Supreme Court rejected the Texas lawsuit intended to overturn election outcomes in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. / CNN

US officials say Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine will start arriving in states on Monday morning. / Associated Press

Tracking coronavirus vaccine distribution, state by state. / The Washington Post

Russian health officials warn that people who take the Sputnik V Covid vaccine should abstain from alcohol for up to two months. / Reuters

"Lack of contact and comfort from other people can slow the process." Grief is more profound and prolonged in the Covid era. / STAT

A no-deal Brexit is looking increasingly likely as negotiations between the UK and EU continue ahead of Sunday's deadline. / BBC

"You have to wonder how long a well-functioning EU can tolerate a non-free nation such as Hungary." Maybe Brexit wasn't all bad. / Bloomberg

There's a crowdfunding campaign to turn Trump's childhood home into a "house of worship" or possibly Trump's presidential library or something. / VICE

“We, and no other country, left the Paris climate agreement. We, in the middle of a pandemic, and no other country, left the World Health Organization.” Maybe America shouldn’t be the world’s leader. / Slate

What life is like in countries where Covid infections are low or nonexistent. / BuzzFeed News

Stores say shoplifting has increased during the pandemic, and it's mainly consumables and items for children and babies. / The Washington Post

"Women’s job loss is usually not seen as a problem that must be remedied as soon as possible." On pandemic gender roles. / Culture Study

Christopher Nolan on the problem with the sudden shift to streaming blockbusters: It's not about the stars, it's about the hundreds of people who work on a movie who are trying to earn a living. / NPR

More than 50 years after the Zodiac Killer's cipher was made public, a private citizen has cracked the code. / The San Francisco Chronicle

Honeybees in East Asia are coating their hives in animal dung to repel giant hornets. / National Geographic

United Airlines is investing in technology to suck carbon out of the sky. Good—but that doesn't mean they've reduced emissions. / American University

The Princess Bride, Debussy's Première rhapsodie, and other things that look like part of something but aren't. / Ask MetaFilter

Video: In "Where Are You?" Ash Koosha imagines the lives and futures of NPCs (non-player characters) in video games. / The Morning News

Classic video game cabinets recreated as meticulously detailed, playable miniatures. / WIRED

Designboom's top art installations of 2020. / Designboom

Photos from Friday night wrestling at the Houston Coliseum in the 1970s. / Texas Monthly

Minimalist—and sometimes accidental—nativities. / The Guardian