Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Mars is frozen. Earth is not.

Whether New Yorkers recover from opioids at home or must travel to a clinic correlates with race and income.

“It’s the prescription thing that’s really severely scary to me. It’s the scariest. I had to go to the street to get it. We were just partying, and then it turned into an addiction. But now the kids are just taking, just carrying in their pocket. It is a pill.” Nikki Sixx is campaigning to combat the lure of opioids among impressionable youth.

A female Democrat doctor has never won a Congressional seat, but a set of eight candidates hopes to change that.

Match the Trump insult to the country he slandered.

Uncovering Ireland's hidden paths that, 300 years ago, Catholics traveled to reach forbidden Mass sites.

Whether our word for "tea" is from "cha" or "te" depends on whether the term migrated over land or sea.

A group of scientists says with no signs of reversal in the Arctic, the region will never be frozen again.

Erosion on Mars reveals large cross-sections of subterranean ice, though scientists aren't sure how deep it runs.

A multi-planet system has been discovered through crowdsourcing, using data from NASA's Kepler space telescope.

“It makes you an engaged human who cares about all aspects of life. Ghettoizing it as an interest particular to goths, weirdos, or people obsessed with murder creates a dearth of honest conversation about death in the western world.” Westerners are finding comfort in the face of death through simplicity, decluttering, and anti-corporate sentiment.

Remembering the street and fashion photography of Nabile Quenum, who recently died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

“Batali says to cut them in slices roughly three inches thick, which is too wide... (I am not following my gut and cutting them thinner. If I had, I suspect the results would have been better. But for most of us, going off book isn’t an option.)” Brilliant: “I made the pizza cinnamon rolls from Mario Batali’s sexual misconduct apology letter.”

Ben Weiner’s close-up paintings of beauty products mixed with 5-hour Energy powder, Viagra, and MDMA.

Artists debate whether Trump's wall prototypes should be considered art, given their cultural significance.

"Optimal routes by car from the geographic center of the contiguous US to the center points of all counties."