Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: May you live in peak times.

Maria downed communication lines to half the island, as Puerto Rico tries to evacuate 70,000 residents downstream of a failing dam.

“Consider the amount of standard daily doses of opioids consumed in Japan. And then double it. And then double it again. And then double it again. And then double it again. And then double it a fifth time. That would make Japan No. 2 in the world, behind the United States.” One big misconception about opioids in America is that the US is at all normal at managing pain.

Ways to cut crime that don't involve gun control—e.g., lead abatement, drug decriminalization, prison education.

From the archives: Firsthand thoughts on New Orleans’ criminal justice system from Pia Z. Ehrhardt.

"Saudi Arabia wasn't always this repressive. Now it's unbearable." Saudi journalist breaks iron silence.

Quebec's language watchdog says English terms like "grilled-cheese" and "cocktail" aren't so threatening anymore.

“‘There is no backing down in the North Korean rule book,’ Mr. Paik said. ‘It’s the very core of their leadership identity and motive.’”

A cute PSA, admittedly sponsored by a car company, on simple ways to reduce traffic on busy streets.

Maybe you can't dance about architecture, but artist Ben Johnson sure can paint it realistically.

“You can make the argument that we are living in Peak Asshole,” says Stanford professor and expert on assholes.

A New York City Halloween store defends selling border patrol agent costumes as "a trending conversation in today’s political climate. We believe this costume carries similar sentiments akin to that of a police officer, military costumes, firefighter, doctor and more."

(Scary) headline of the day: "Death Wish Coffee recalls its Nitro Cold Brew over risk of deadly botulin toxin."