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Saturday headlines: MFI

Links between wildfires and the climate crisis are straightforward, and effects to come likely will be larger than any we've seen. / The New York Times

Oregon prepares for a “mass fatality incident.” Photographs of Oregon’s deadly fires. / The East Oregonian, NPR

To keep the United States on a 1.5 degree warming path, a top energy expert says we need to electrify everything immediately. / Vox

Survival tips for hikers caught in a wildfire. "You won't last very long trying to outrun a fire uphill." / LAist

Nearly half of US households face serious financial pain—more acute in big cities, and among Latino and Black households. / NPR

Joe Biden creates a war-cabinet-in-waiting to address the coronavirus pandemic if he wins. / The Washington Post

Manhattan's "The Final Push” sculpture shows Trump on a golf cart shoved along by Fox hosts Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham. / Untapped New York

Your weekly white paper: Some 1.4 million mail votes were lost in 2016's presidential election—1% of all ballots cast. / SSRN

Video hearings speed up the United States’ deportation machine, “continuing to let it operate out of sight and with less accountability.” / The Verge

See also: “I sometimes think that I know the English language more than I know any person in this world.” / Lithub

Companies headquartered in a country where a journalist is killed show an average stock price drop of −0.46%. / Taylor Francis Online

With World War II now 75 years ago, a look back at the 1943 Forest Hills tennis final between two US servicemen. / Tennis Magazine

The button is 125 years old. “It seems like a niche little object, but it really tells a very general American history.” / Colossal

Is Banksy actually the former British television host Neil Buchanan? / Dazed

Watch: Footage of a vehicle powered completely by ambient electric fields, as per Nikola Tesla’s original wireless electricity concept. / The Morning News

Eight pieces of advice from a columnist who’s retiring after a decade of writing life-changing advice. / The Guardian

Related: “People are much poorer at almost every task when they are close to a cell phone.” / The New York Review of Books

Extraordinary origami sculptures made out of cotton. / Sipho Mabona