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Headlines edition

Saturday headlines: Mission Impossible.

France, Britain, and the US launch coordinated bombing strikes against Syria. Trump quickly says, echoing W., “Mission accomplished!”

Members of Congress insist the White House needed to consult with them first.

Russia says the strikes were ineffective, claiming most of the missiles were intercepted.

Hitting Assad now might bring a momentary sense of just deserts, but there is nothing to be proud of in Syria, and no American solution—not even for the gassing of children.

Murder is concentrated: 80% of violent killings in Latin American cities occur on just 2% of the streets.

Homelessness is not a choice made by the individual, it is a reality forced by government policy. A quick glance at Finland’s successful solution to homelessness: giving homes to homeless people.

Singapore prepares to install surveillance cameras with facial-recognition capabilities atop over 100,000 lampposts.

While Vermont Sen. Leahy was grilling Zuckerberg about privacy, his website was scraping visitors' Facebook data.

The argument for Washington and Silicon Valley as contemporary America’s intellectual capitals.

An interesting conversation about immortality with Chicago philosopher Agnes Callard.

A study of Anaheim, the home of Disneyland, shows the social and economic costs of becoming a one-company town.

America’s immigration detention system is a labyrinth where accountability is scarce; it’s also rife with sexual assault and harassment.

A study finds that people at higher elevations take more risks—even just riding up in an elevator, versus going down.

When maps on TV news programs get the world wrong.

A sperm whale in Spain was killed after ingesting 64 pounds of mostly plastic garbage while at sea.

The history of acne treatment included a lot of patting your face with poison.

A gentlemen’s agreement exists between players in the NBA: to take it easy on certain plays to preserve good health.

The Seattle Seahawks postpone a visit by Colin Kaepernick after he won't say if he'll kneel during the anthem.

A new boxed set celebrates early black cinema, before white studios used singing and dancing to restore stereotypes.

Movie poster designer Midnight Marauder picks his all-time favorite movie posters.

Vintage photos from J. Grant Brittain, dean of 1980s skateboard photography.

Video: The women who rode big waves in 2018.