Headlines edition

Saturday headlines: Mmm… slurpee wave.

The White House wants $33 billion over the next decade to start building Trump’s border wall.

To defend himself from this week’s furious fire, Trump calls himself a "genius.... and a very stable genius at that."

Headline of the week? "White House Staff Forced to Act Out Michael Wolff Book for Non-Reading President."

After Sessions rescinded a Justice policy on legal marijuana, Vermont voted to legalize recreational use anyway.

Often forgotten, the bicycle played a crucial role in the women’s suffrage movement.

“We’re not very good at imagining generational time. We see families as discrete units in our lifetimes, which they are. But they’re fluid and continuous over longer periods beyond our view, and our family trees sprawl in all directions.” Anybody you can name from ancient history is in your family tree.

A diagram traces the evolution of elephant depiction from the middle ages to the age of enlightenment.

The largest known prime number now has 23,249,425 digits.

As of March, only New Yorkers can pay “what you wish” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art—and that’s a bad look for New York City.

Here's everything you need to know about the "Intel Chip problem," which is much bigger than the name suggests.

A rarely seen John Denver music video features skiiers and snowboarders, Denver included, just “dancing” their way through the snow.

A rare, nearly frozen "slurpee" wave was surfed this week off Nantucket.