Headlines edition

Saturday headlines: Moneyball the world

Russian President Vladimir Putin wants foreign volunteers to fight against Ukrainian forces. / BBC News

Moscow stalls the Iran nuclear deal, seeking to shield itself from the full effect of Western sanctions. / Foreign Policy

Murtala Abdullahi explains the risks facing Nigeria from Russia's war. / HumAngle

Natalia Datskevych: Russia's war on Ukraine jeopardizes global food security. / The Kyiv Independent

Olga Khazan spent the week watching Russian television. "Over time, uncertainty hardens into cynicism and resignation." / The Atlantic

A summary of Big Tech's turn against Russia and Russia's retaliation. / The Washington Post

A fictional conversation with a bank right now. / Things That Caught Have Caught My Attention

Venezuela's oil output could rise by 400,000 barrels per day if the US requests certain licenses. / Reuters

See also: "Guys guys guys, I told you: we're not gonna be able to replace Russia. But we can recreate it, recreate it in the aggregate." / Twitter

A team of 2,731 people are attempting to reconstruct New York City inside Minecraft on a 1:1 scale. / Curbed

Related: "Of course we're living in a simulation." / WIRED

From 2018, an unscripted short film about Mario Salcedo, a man who's mostly lived on cruise ships for two decades. / The Morning News

A conversation with the Social Justice Sewing Academy. / Colossal

A tour of Los Angeles's new museum dedicated to the history of Mexican cuisine. / Atlas Obscura

The priciest sushi restaurant in the United States, Masa in New York City, will soon cost at least $1,000 per person (before wine). / Eater New York

Ted Gioia remembers witnessing Google being born upstairs from the Palo Alto bookstore he loved. / The Honest Broker

A moving essay by Nickole Brown about her inability to form memories. "I won't pretend my memory isn't still a rusted colander or a sail shot through with holes. But it's different now." / Orion