Headlines Edition

Saturday headlines: More plums.

Related: An excellent round-up of links and news (COVID and other) from the past week in Africa.

A nice comic by Laura Gao, "The Wuhan I Know," about her hometown.

This is how we can beat the coronavirus: “If we screen everyone, and do so regularly, we can let most people return to a more normal life.”

Pictures of people helping others during the pandemic.

The Air Force quietly flew 500,000 swabs for COVID-19 testing kits from Italy to Tennessee.

Sea level rise is sending Miami homebuyers inland, displacing some of the city's only remaining affordable housing.

"Deep cleaning" firms are getting a surge of business, though no one seems to know what deep cleaning actually means.

A piece of fiction to explain what it’s like if you contract the coronavirus. And a round-up of what some people are doing right now.

“Nothing once created ever fully leaves us.” For those who find big-picture thoughts consoling at this time.

At least five senators made major stock sales shortly before the market tanked; a 2012 law prohibits senators from profiting off information that isn’t publicly available.

How the Bernie Sanders campaign fell apart. See also: Sarah Viren explains how to unmarry your wife.

Switzerland has voted as many times as all of the other countries in the world put together in the past century.

Some good orchestral music for your weekend: Ryuichi Sakamoto and “Playing the Orchestra,” or maybe you prefer Handel with Tilda Swinton’s dogs.

With events cancelled, a bunch of ongoing and upcoming sessions where Texas musicians stream for you. (Billboard is tracking live events offered online.)

Recipe of the day: Dean Martin’s recipe for a hamburger. Maybe some of Vincent Price’s guacamole on the side? Or just the best of Alison Roman.

For grill enthusiasts, maybe now is a good time to clean your smoker? 

See also: Live coverage of a mama bird tending her eggs.

A volunteer army led by a local taxi driver scours the streets in the middle of the night to save endangered birds in New Zealand.

In case you feel like getting really into maps, a backpacker explains his favorite kinds.

That Tibetan singing bowl accompanying your at-home yoga routine? Is not Tibetan—which fits with inaccurate portrayals of Tibet generally.

Remembrances of Joan Didion during the ‘60s from her former house-sitter.

Instagram-ready feminism packaged as a public good can be great—i.e., The Wing—until you actually have to work there.

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I have eaten
the plums
that were in
the icebox
Alexa, order more plums.

Famous lines of poetry revised for the coronavirus age.