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Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Nice shirt, haole.

Ten Colorado hospitals successfully reduced patient opioid usage through alternate pain management methods and meds.

It's not just rate of fire: AR-15 ammo travels three times faster than a handgun's—victims and doctors are helpless.

School shootings are only the most public of tragedies. Others, on a smaller scale, take place across the country daily; another commonality among shooters is a history of abuse toward women. Michael Ian Black on toxic masculinity’s effect on young men.

As a precedent for not paying student-athletes, NCAA cites a 13th Amendment loophole for unpaid prison labor.

Evidence of Manafort's fraud was exposed because he doesn't know how to save out PDFs—he emailed others to do it.

The history of the aloha shirt from 1935—its exact origins are disputed—to the present day.

Why we should end restaurant tipping: Servers profile non-white patrons, non-white servers receive lower tips.

Professional real-estate photos of exorbitantly priced, derelict properties in Sydney.

Apple says they must hand control of Chinese iCloud data to government-backed firm; critics say they're giving in.

Public radio rescues Gothamist (and LAist, DCist, DNAinfo, and more).

An amateur astronomer lucks into spotting a supernova—the chances of this happening are around one in 10 million.

Over a decade since passport chips were introduced, Border Patrol still can't tell if they've been tampered with.

Snap's market value loses $1.3 billion after Kylie Jenner tweets that she hasn't used Snapchat in a while.