The United States Supreme Court maintains access to the abortion pill mifepristone pending litigation. / Politico

In the US, the risk of death at every age is now higher for boys and men than for girls and women. / The Washington Post

Derek Thompson: The average American my age is roughly six times more likely to die in the coming year than his counterpart in Switzerland. / The Atlantic

More than 89% of students in the US say they use ChatGPT for homework, which is taking the jobs of Kenyans who previously wrote their essays. / rest of world

Foreign nationals from the US, Europe, and China are to be evacuated from Sudan as fighting there continues. / BBC News

In Kenya, chai ya wazee, or "tea for the elders," is a way of asking for a bribe without asking for a bribe. / The Economist

"Ghost boats," appearing to be from northwest Africa, are washing up in Brazil and the Caribbean, all carrying dead bodies. / The Associated Press

An archaeologist uses climate data and tailoring tools to search for clothing's origins. / Sapiens

A ​"Battery Belt" is emerging in the Carolinas, Georgia, Tennessee, and Kentucky. / Grist

Author Jeff VanderMeer attempts to figure out if the genre of "climate fiction" is ever useful. / Esquire

Assessing the views of renewable energy skeptics, or those who believe we need to imagine a future of less instead of a future of more. / The Tyee

See also: Environmental lessons from Islamic teachings. / African Arguments

Art we like: New abstractions from Mark Bradford, new paintings by Angela Heisch. / Artsy, Pippy Houldsworth

Jeff Weiss rethinks Frank Ocean's recent chaotic performance at Coachella in light of "our increasingly algorithmic and AI-generated world." / The Ringer