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Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Nothing’s shocking.

Today, after the Israeli military ordered the building evacuated, an airstrike destroyed the AP and Al Jazeera offices in Gaza City. / Associated Press

As the Israeli-Palestinian violence continues to escalate, the White House hasn't taken a meaningful public stand. / NPR

See also: How social media misinformation is further stoking the conflict. / The New York Times

"As Facebook shifted its algorithm away from publishers and onto individuals, we saw a lot of people were given this megaphone to share whatever they wanted." On meme journalism. / The Other Wave

It's not just voter discrimination bills that state houses are weighing: There are 100 pieces of legislation aimed at penalizing "protest-related activity." / The Washington Post

NASA has released astounding new photos of Jupiter taken by the Hubble Telescope—including distinct looks at the planet's puzzling atmosphere. / Nerdist

By July the US should have hundreds of millions of surplus Covid vaccine doses. America has a moral imperative to donate those vaccines to countries in need—now. / Vox

"An eighth-grader could have hacked into that system." A 2018 audit found Colonial was at risk for a hacking attack. / MarketWatch

There's little incentive for the Colonial Pipeline to improve its security, since every time the pipeline fails, its owners make more money. / The New York Times

Power outages are increasing in the US, and for those who depend on at-home medical equipment, breakdowns in the grid can be life-threatening. / Undark

A Texas bill wants electric vehicle owners to pax an additional tax to make up for the fuel taxes they otherwise aren't paying. / The Hill

"Our global network isn't built for digital security." Zeynep Tufekci on the future the Colonial Pipeline hack portends. / The Atlantic

Four decades after crossing the US-Mexico border as an undocumented immigrant, a ranch owner at the border has placed ladders on his property to make it easier for others to cross. / BuzzFeed News

A dashboard to track Congress members' stock trades. / Senate Stock Watcher

According to England's 1911 census, the Rigby family included a cat—"Tom Cat," eight years old—as a member of its household. / Find My Past

Paintings of hazy traffic warning signs, by Matt McCormick. / This Isn't Happiness

An interactive timeline of all the coffees consumed across the three seasons of Twin Peaks. / Tableau

Cracked sidewalks and potholes in Lyon filled in by mosaics, by Ememem, who's also known as "the pavement surgeon." / Colossal