Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: One way or an otter.

We'll be away next week and will return on Monday, Oct. 10—see you then!

Surrounded by Ukrainian forces, Russian troops abandon Lyman in Donetsk, a day after Putin declared the annexation of the region. / Reuters

"Amid the bluster and veiled threats, [Putin] made three distinct points that, taken together, form a blueprint for war and peace." But mostly war. / The New York Times

By using dredge-and-fill methods atop wetlands, housing developers in Florida exacerbated Hurricane Ian's devastation. / Grist

Allowing Congress members to define the terms of a blind trust presents a loophole in Pelosi's stock-trading ethics legislation that could actually make the problem worse. / Vox

Part of the $115 raised by the Ice Bucket Challenge went to research that led to a new drug that helps slow the progression of ALS—and that was just approved by the FDA. / BuzzFeed News

"Come and see the new king, half price." As the pound plunges to a record low against the dollar, American tourists race to book UK trips. / The Guardian

Visualizing how much Truss and Kwarteng's "mini-budget" will cost Britain. / Led by Donkeys

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Human traffickers are forcing victims into roles as cyber-scammers, where they end up defrauding people around the world—or face torture. / ProPublica

"It's become standard practice for technology companies working with AI to commercially use datasets and models collected and trained by non-commercial research entities." / Waxy

The case surrounding a photographer's 1981 image of Prince—that Andy Warhol used for his illustrations—has severe implications for the future of art and copyright. / The Atlantic

Tim Burton's Batman, re-edited as a silent movie. / MetaFilter

"When styled according to the new aesthetic, food is usually presented simply, without the accouterments of the blogger bloom." The Instagram food vibe shift. / Eater

Alberto Ortega's paintings of mid-century suburban mystery begin as scale models. / Instagram

"The pose of raised paws signifies the otter's adoration of the sun god when he rises in the morning." The rich history of otters in art. / Hyperallergic