Headlines edition

Saturday headlines: Or should and shouldn’t

China returns two Canadians in exchange for a Huawei executive, resolving a 1,030-day standoff with the United States. / The New York Times

A good article from The Continent's archives on "the un-Hollywood fate of Paul Rusesabagina," who just received a 25-Year prison sentence in Rwanda.  / Twitter, CNN

Marie Toulemonde analyzes coups across Africa over the last 30 years. / The Africa Report

See also: "Ethnonationalism, imperialism and the working class in Ethiopia." / Review of African Political Economy

In light of the CDC recommending boosters to some Americans, epidemiologist Céline Gounder offers plainspoken information on what Covid boosters can and can't do. / BuzzFeed News, The New Yorker

A daily pill to treat Covid-19 may be just months away, says virologist Timothy Sheahan. / PBS

Related: A profile of Sheahan, who enjoys his punk rock, from the pandemic's early days. / GQ

A study finds there were more migratory birds hanging out in urban areas as a result of the pandemic. / CBC News

How soon can lab-grown meat actually feed a meaningful number of people? A long, critical look at the challenging economies. / The Counter

"It's about the volume of meals you eat, not anything else." From February, confessions of a former Michelin restaurant inspector. / Luxeat

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Jane Goodall says humans may be intellectual, but they're not very intelligent (intelligent creatures don't destroy their own planet). / GQ

Survivalists explain why you should always carry tampons in the wild. / Outside

"I don't have any sense of being that important," says the country's oldest (and most famous) park ranger, Betty Reid Soskin. / The New York Times

When certain podcasters begin to feel so self-important, their episodes simply become ads. / Dirt

On the 20th anniversary of Nevermind, the surviving members of Nirvana and their producer Butch Vig discussed making it. The album is now 30. / Passion of the Weiss, Billboard