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Saturday headlines: Orange you glad I made coffee

President Biden's tense call on Friday with Chinese President Jinping is seen as a pivot point in the two countries' relationship. / CNN

Since 2012, Jinping has been gradually dismantling China's collective leadership system. Ukraine may unravel all of that. / Nikkei Asia

See also: Fantasy worlds created by artificial intelligence. / AI Weirdness

Oleg Sukhov: Is Vladimir Putin going to launch a nuclear war? "Predictions of Putin's actions depend on assumptions of his rationality or irrationality." / Kyiv Independent

What it's like to have dinner with Putin. "He looked me up and down in a way that was overt and slow and the whole table kind of chuckled." / The National Post 

Some British law firms charge a "Russian premium" for services to oligarchs, up to £1,500 an hour. / The New Yorker

Putin's latest tactics suggest Zelensky may have a significant say over the future of Russia's economy. / Comment Is Freed

Ed Yong: America is zooming through a pandemic panic-neglect cycle. / The Atlantic

The White House says (finally) it is elevating "clean air in buildings" as a key pillar in the national Covid-19 response. / STAT

Considering yesterday's link about smartphones gaining the gift of smell, why don't more doctor offices employ dogs? / JSTOR Daily

People on social media want it understood that they knew about mixing espresso with orange juice many years ago. / Sprudge

A new audio magazine, I Heard It in a Magazine, is an online destination "for sound culture and the listening-obsessed." / I Heard It in a Magazine

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Megan Marz: You might be numb to narration, but vibes aren't killing narrative. / Real Life

At the Tournament of Books, presented by Field Notes, the Opening Round came to an end, which means we got an update on Zombies. / The Tournament of Books