Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Out of our gourds.

Canada's legislation to "freeze" all sales and purchases of handguns took effect yesterday. The measure was introduced after the mass shootings in Uvalde and Buffalo. / CBC, NPR

Jamelle Bouie: "To wait to rectify the sins of the present—to sidestep justice in favor of comfort—is to make the final price of liberty all the more expensive." / The New York Times

Photos: The Mississippi River and its tributaries reached record lows this week. / CNN

"We are not taking what is not ours." Thousands of Ukrainian children have been transported to Russia, regardless of whether they have family in Ukraine. / The New York Times

Black food is not killing Black people—but racism certainly is. / Andscape

"In the minds of many who do not experience it day to day, racism consists of egregious acts of violence or abuse. But that is only part of what many people experience in science." / Nature

An interesting look at the major uptick in "copycat" lawsuits, encompassing everything from tattoo art to a TikTok homage—and that's before we even get to NFTs. / CNN

See also: Music labels warn that AI music generators could destroy music labels. / TorrentFreak

All about Kanye West's plans to build a mini-city, replete with self-branded homes, products, and services. / Rolling Stone

Mixing business and pleasure: How to make Slack look like Discord. / WIRED

"We're trying to avoid that escalation." What humans might do if aliens make contact, according to science. / Motherboard

Recommendations for extending a jack-o'-lantern's life: Don't cut a hole in the top of your pumpkin or coat it in WD-40. / The New York Times

More pumpkin-carving tips: Clean out the guts with a hand mixer, use cookie cutters instead of knives, and add cinnamon. / Twitter

Related/unrelated: Squirrels eating unusual things. / Reddit

"Sometimes a writer, an artist, a human being is so defiant of mortality that you begin to take him at his word." David Remnick on Peter Schjeldahl, who died this week at 80. / The New Yorker