Headlines Edition

Saturday headlines: Paradox

"Our current state of affairs is a paradox." Balancing the need to talk about 1/6 with the worry of inspiring other wrongdoers. / Bloomberg

Darren Walker: The ideal of democracy is the greatest threat to the ideology of white supremacy. / Ford Foundation for Social Justice

A vivid report from Luke Mogelson on his day with the insurrectionists inside and around the Capitol. / The New Yorker

See also: Stories of the 1/6 attack from police officers who defended the Capitol. / The Washington Post

Recent Slack messages find mixed emotions among editors and reporters at the pro-Trump outlet Breitbart News. / The Daily Beast

Interviews with more than 40 Republican state and local leaders conducted after the siege at the Capitol show “a vocal wing of the party maintains an almost-religious devotion to the president.” / The Washington Post

Since April, police in the US are three times more likely to use force against leftwing protesters than rightwing protesters. / The Guardian

The death toll from Covid-19 nears 400,000 in the United States. / CNN

President-elect Biden plans to mobilize FEMA and the National Guard to ramp up vaccine distribution. / STAT

Los Angeles hospitals, already treating patients in gift shops, are on the verge of shifting to "crisis care" with triage teams. / The Los Angeles Times

Why Covid is so bad in LA: a huge population, a high rate of poverty, and the nation’s highest rate of severe overcrowding. / STAT

One of the pandemics inside the pandemic: cruise line employees tumbling into depression during their extreme version of lockdown. / Bloomberg

For many people, the physical ramifications of a year-plus of isolation will be temporary. For some, the toll will be deadly. / The Atlantic

In case you've also been documenting your lockdown Zooms with family and friends: an ode to the screenshot. / Real Life

Photographers flock to Japan's Lake Nukabira to capture the layers of "ice bubbles." / Spoon & Tamago

Hedgehogs have become popular pets in Japan. A miniature mobile home doubles as a handbag. / Solcion

More than a decade later, one of the internet’s (great) puzzles has been solved: Satoshi has been found. / Find Satoshi