Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Party til you nuke

Florida changes its laws to allow DeSantis to run for president without first resigning as governor. / POLITICO

Brazil's da Silva grants federal recognition of Indigenous lands, though progress may be slow with Bolsonaro allies controlling most of the Amazon states. / Associated Press

Putin signs a decree allowing those living in areas of Ukraine it partially controls to accept Russian citizenship—or be deported. / Reuters

The Biden administration resumes deporting asylum seekers back to Russia, including some who may be fleeing conscription. / The Guardian

Musk's Twitter has complied with 83% of government data and takedown requests—before the takeover that number was around 50%. / Rest of World

As two members of the caravan that surrounded a Biden campaign bus in Texas settle their case, another lawsuit remains, alleging local police refused aid to the bus. / The Texas Tribune

An argument for changing the public perception of nuclear waste from radioactive goo to "a safe byproduct of carbon-free power." / The New York Times

A new initiative hopes to identify 100,000 of the nearly two million unknown species in the world's oceans. / CNN

See also: "If we became more like an octopus, could we free time, metaphorically speaking, from its constraints?" / Aeon

Every day, it keeps getting harder to decide whether AI is a creative tool to be harnessed or a bomb waiting to go off. / Dirt

See also: Why is our relationship with technology so damaged? It may be that we're overly absorbed with being productive. / The Hedgehog Review

"I think my parents were afraid they might fade into the ether if I didn't understand what home meant to them." Jasmin Attia connects to her Egyptian heritage through food. / Literary Hub

Half of US vinyl buyers don't own a record player, probably because fans and completists are fueling the vinyl craze. / Consequence

Collected pitch decks from failed and fraudulent corporations. / Slidebook