Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: PowerPoint holodeck.

Visualizing the scale of Russia's attacks this week on Ukraine's energy infrastructure. / The Washington Post

See also: Fearing nuclear exposure stemming from the war in Ukraine, some European countries are stockpiling iodine tablets. / Associated Press

"It is far more possible than most outside observers realize." Ukraine's path to victory. / Foreign Affairs

A Texas sheriff certifies that the 49 migrants flown by DeSantis to Martha's Vineyard are victims of a crime, a move that qualifies them to stay in the US on a special visa. / The Texas Tribune

Guantánamo detainees petition for the reversal of a Trump-era rule prohibiting any artwork made during captivity from leaving the prison. / Hyperallergic

Temple Grandin: "The education system...is screening out our visual thinkers—particularly the object visualizers who thrive at building, making, and mechanical things." / The Guardian

As many as 70 child deaths in Gambia are thought to be linked to certain cough syrups. / Reuters

In the 1950s and '60s, post-colonial corruption turned Ghana into a "playground for salesmen" from abroad—the effects of which can still be felt today. / Africa Is a Country

Conservation strategies to save the 70 bird species in the US and Canada that have lost half or more of their breeding population since 1970. / State of the Birds 2022

"Still, I like the Catholic church's no-nonsense approach." How to know if you're going to Hell. / Lifehacker

The next frontier in clip art: Microsoft is adding text-to-image AI-generated imagery to its Office suite. / The Verge

See also: Each US state's most popular Halloween candy—as generated by DALL-E2 prompts. / AI Weirdness

Chiaroscuro reigns supreme in Paul Cupido's subtly textured nature photos. / LensCulture

Soothing videos of Osaka restaurant kitchens. / Boing Boing