Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Preaching to the fire.

In a victory for the impeachment inquiry, a federal judge ruled the Justice Dept. must supply Mueller's grand jury materials to the House Judiciary Committee.

The US government's annual budget deficit widened to $984 billion—its largest since 2012 and the first time since the early 1980s the gap has increased over four consecutive years.

Giuliani butt-dialed an NBC News reporter, leaving a voicemail of a conversation discussing a need for money and lambasting the Bidens.

A report from Nashville's Little Kurdistan about what many perceive as an ethnic cleansing campaign by Turkey.

As wildfires continue burning in Southern California, Pacific Gas & Electric says as many as two million people could be affected by precautionary power shutdowns.

“We are creating a fire age that will be equivalent to the Ice Age.” The highly flammable state of California is entering “the Pyrocene.”

One wonders about environmental and labor regulations when one reads that Tesla went from obtaining permits to hooking up the power at a brand new plant in Shanghai in 168 working days.

A good profile of David Attenborough, lately appealing for radical action to tackle the climate crisis.

Historically, empathy wasn't integral to medical training. The process of teaching doctors hasn't changed much since then.

Not everyone knows about Bach's love of beer, his 20 children, or the time he pulled a knife on a musician during a street fight.

See also: a resource for all things shoegaze and dream pop.

Brooklyn may have “a very urban sound,” but linguistically there's no evidence of any kind of specific borough accent.

There are less than 400 public statues of women in the US. In New York City, only five of 150 statues are real women.

Six lazy mistakes in the latest New York Times article about gentrification in Los Angeles.

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Some photographs from the week: Finalists from a photomicrography competition, and hazy surprises in pictures by Will Warasila.

"I collect numbered White Albums and currently have 2,435 copies."

A round-up of influential comedy sketches from the last 20 years reminds us that, yes, Paul does have to marry his mother-in-law.