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Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Presently peasantry.

Charts explain why, for the first time since early 2020, the US economy shrank. / The Washington Post

Who's to blame for the recent uptick in robocalls? Ajit Pai didn't help the situation, but the true culprits are the carriers. / Slate

The FDA proposes banning menthol tobacco products, which are how young people often get started smoking. / NPR

How to rebrand nuclear power. / The Washington Post

Boris Becker is sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison for transferring and hiding assets after declaring bankruptcy. / NPR

"I was not treated with respect." Inside the world of limb-lengthening surgery, no longer performed only for mismatched leg lengths. / BuzzFeed News

Dogs' personalities are more about genetics than breed, which "accounts for only about 9% of the variations in any given dog's behavior." / The New York Times

Paleontologists have uncovered fossils of massive, ancient sea creatures in the Swiss Alps. Among the discoveries is the largest tooth ever found. / VICE

See also: "Each and every one of them, all 13 members of the small herd, is totally unaware of what just happened." A dinosaur's last day. / Smithsonian Magazine

The notion of primitive communism is appealing, but also not real: Hunter-gatherers had private property—and also thieves. / Aeon

"The meme is showcasing the fact that we are all peasants." Why medieval art that's been remixed and captioned works on Instagram. / Hyperallergic

The Pudding wants your help reproducing a study on randomness. (Do it, It's fun!) / The Pudding

A couple moves into a Fire Island home and discovers a cache of cassettes of DJ sets that serve as a historical monument to the AIDS crisis and ensuing activism. / The New York Times

Related: The cassettes are being digitized, and you can listen to them here. / Mixcloud

"The most accurate answer you're going to get is, 'I don't know.'" Are the Great Lakes inland seas? It comes down to semantics. / Atlas Obscura

A trip to a Bitcoin convention reveals the divisions rising between Bitcoin and Ethereum enthusiasts. / The Verge

See also: "NFT poetry is definitely a thing coming to a blockchain near you." / Literary Hub

Watch: A mini-doc on installation artist Chiharu Shiota, known for her intricate string art. / The Morning News

"Anything you say before the word 'but' does not count." For his 70th birthday, Kevin Kelly offers 103 pieces of advice he wishes he'd known when he was younger. / The Technium