"Altasia" is a portmanteau referring to Asian countries that could lure manufacturing away from China. / The Economist

Hong Kong convicts three organizers of vigils commemorating the Tiananmen Square massacre under its national security law. / The Guardian

A longtime Chinese diplomat says the window to stabilize relations between Beijing and Washington has closed. / The Guardian

What it's like to translate Sally Rooney novels into Chinese: "I found myself bored with having to come up with six ways to say 'he smiled' in Chinese." / Chaoyang Trap 

The United States Air Force decided to allow neck and hand tattoos, keeping the "modern American in mind." / Stars and Stripes

Headline of the week? "Toothed whales use 'vocal fry' to hunt for food, scientists say." / NPR

At least two companies in Canada say they've received exemptions from the government allowing them to produce and distribute cocaine, heroin, and MDMA. / VICE 

An Australian brewery is trying to create the perfect India Pale Ale using artificial intelligence. / Experience Magazine

See also: What happens on Tinder and Bumble when your wingman is ChatGPT. / Slate

It's the 50th anniversary of Thomas Pynchon's "prickly and uncooperative" novel Gravity's Rainbow. Can anyone honestly say they know what it's about? / The Honest Broker

ICYMI: Advertisement for maybe the worst art world job. (It involves "dog systems.") / filthy dreams

Moody photographs of icebergs shrouded in mist. / Colossal

"We could be in a lot worse places." A reporter spends a day riding a ski lift up and down a mountain, interviewing everyone. / Outside